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Tribal Organics Hair Colors are 100% Natural Organic colors made with pure and Certified Organic Herbs.

The following points should be considered important for the Natural and Organic Products.

1)   Our Organic Hair Color is not like Henna to color the hair. Our Product is a mixture of various Organic Herbs.Henna is just one of the herbs in our             ingredients.

2)   With pure henna, after preparing the paste is to be left for 1 – 2 hours to activate the natural coloring component Lawsone. But in case of our hair            color which is a mixture of many organic herbs, It is to be applied immediately as soon as it is made. apply the mixture of our herbs paste  immediately on hair as soon as it is prepared.

3)   The results of Organic hair colors should never be compared with 100% chemical hair colors. As the chemical colors have fast acting agents                          whereas natural and organic products coloring intensity and retention is slower in comparison to that of 100% chemical hair colors.

4) Please note that after the application, as the hair comes in contact with the oxygen of the air, gradually the color will intensify and within 24-48 hours the color will become authentic. Although most people will get good

5)   results, some people may temporarily get a purple tint or orange tone, do not panic, this should settle and go away in few hours as the organic hair            color will oxidise and become more deeper .

6)   Tribal Organics hair color will stay on the hair for 10-20 days depending on the health of the hair of the person using it.

7)   Results may vary from person to person. Best Results are to be achieved on people who have up to 40-50% grey hair.

8)   If the hair has been badly treated and damaged with the chemical products it may require to get the desired results after 2- 3 applications.

9)   Our Organic Hair Colors are safe for health as it is made with pure organic herbs.It is created for all the health conscious people and who are           allergic to  chemicals.However, in rare cases, some people are sensitive to herbs, Therefore we advise a patch test before the  application.

10)   Application time for our Organic hair color is 60 minutes which is slightly longer than the application of chemical colors

11)   In order to achieve a darker color of any shade , Paste of our Tribal Organic hair must be left longer than the usual application time duration of 60 minutes.