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Q. Should I do a patch test before application?

Tribal Organics Herbal Hair Colors are 100 % Organic, chemical free and safe to use. However, some people are allergic to certain plant parts, so it is always recommended to perform a patch test before application. Please refer PATCH TEST DIRECTIONS on the pack.

Q. Had suffered allergic reactions with other hair colors in past.How safe are Tribal Organics Hair Colors?Toogle title

Tribal Organics Herbal Hair Colors are dermatologically tested and completely safe to use, but a patch test is necessary before using the product. As Ayurveda describes every individual as being different and this makes their body react differently to the same product.

Q.I am Pregnant, can I still use Tribal Organics Colors?

Yes, it is 100 % Natural Organic Herbal Hair Color and is safer to use, as it does not contain Ammonia, PPD, Peroxides or Any Chemicals.

Q. Does it have Ammonia, PPD, Peroxides or such chemicals?

No,it does not contain any chemical, artificial synthetic or harmful toxins.It is 100% organic and free from the chemicals.

Q.Can Tribal Organics Hair Colors be used on chemically treated hair?

Organic Herbal Hair Colors can be used on chemically treated hair but in certain cases the effect may start after 5-6 applications. As the damaged hair cuticle needs time to repair.

Q.How long does the color stay on hair?

Hair color can last for 15 to 20 washes. Avoid shampoo and styling products for the next 48 hours, there after use mild organic shampoo.

Q.How often can I Color my hair?

Tribal Organics Hair Colors are 100% Organic and does not damage your hair. It can be applied second time even after 48 hours but depending on percentage of grey hair its frequency can be decided.

Q. Is the strand test necessary?

Yes, as it helps to establish the time duration and the color result. Each individual has different hair types\texture\structures which may lead to little variation in shades of color on individual’s hair. Please wait 24-48 hours after applying Tribal Organics Herbal Hair Colors, to better predict the coloring result. Please note that the Color can darken during this period. If you are not satisfied with the result, choose a shorter\ longer exposure time.

Q. Can it cover my grey hair?

Yes, Tribal Organics Herbal Hair Colors are natural with 100% grey hair coverage. But grey hair are sometimes difficult to cover and you may need to apply 4 to 5 applications to cover the grey completely. Please note that the grey hair may give a tint of greenish or purple when applying herbal hair color containing a high percentage of Indigo.However, to be on the safe side, perform a strand test first.

Q.Why does my hair color develop slowly after using Tribal Organics Hair Color? Is it normal?

Please wait 48 hours after applying Tribal Organics Herbal Hair Color, to better predict the coloring result. Herbal hair colors can intensify during this time while being exposed to natural oxygen in the air as it does not contain any chemical oxidising agent.

Q. My natural hair is dark, Can I make them light by Tribal Organics Hair Colors?

No, It is not possible to lighten hair with herbal hair colors as it does not contain any bleaching agent.

Q.Can I color beardmoustacheeyebrows with Tribal Organics Hair Colors?

It is not recommended for use on Facial Hair.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children, do not swallow. This product must not be used for dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows.In case of eye contact, rinse with plenty of water, conduct a sensitivity test before using this product.For External use only.