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Founder and brand history

Tribal Organics was founded to create and promote natural and organic lifestyle by using natural and pure organic products, following old age knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda. Mr Kanwal Jit Singh, the Director and Founder of Tribal Organics Company has been well versed in the world of Ayurveda and Organic lifestyle. By his extensive research for many years on Organic Herbs. He has acquired good knowledge of Ayurveda from the ancient books. In order to obtain a deeper knowledge and practical experience in the specific field of Organic Herbs to colour the hair naturally with the Organic Herbs which exists in the Nature. He travelled vastly all over India visiting the Organic Farming and wild crops.He is a regular practitioner of Yoga and Meditation. Mr. Singh widely travelled & visited many countries of the world. He lived in Brasil( South America) for more than 40 years . During that period, he visited and lived in Amazonia for almost two years to explore the Organic Herbs and wild crops. In 1996, He Founded Tribal Company for importing and exporting Tribal goods from India such as : handmade carpets, Organic herbs, Textiles and Handicrafts. He was also a Partner and Co Founder of a Local Brazilian Herbal Cosmetic firm specialised in Organic Herbal Hair Colours. With his vast knowledge and experience, he is fully dedicated to Tribal Organics Company to serve the Humanity by giving the best quality Organic Products for the benefit of good health, beauty and wellness.


Tribal Organics products are 100 % Natural made with Certified Organic Herbs. Our products are free from harmful chemicals Such as : Peroxide, Ammonia, Heavy metals, PPD, Parabens, Resorcinol, GMO. We believe in the Power of Natural Organic Herbs, a gift by nature to mankind to naturally heal and regain the hair, skin and body.
We practice and promote a simple and healthy lifestyle by use of Organic products.